Reading and Meditating on God’s Word

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. (Psalm 119:105, ESV)

Daily Devotional

A daily devotional from the OPC website

Trinity Hymnal: Hymns with musical accompaniment

Entire Bible in a year

Read through the entire Bible in a year.

Book-at-a-time Reading Plan

Read the entire Bible using two readings per day for 25 days each month. This provides days each month for reflection or to catch up on missed readings.

The New Testament in a year

Read through the New Testament in a year. There are five reading selections each week providing you with two days each week for reflection or to catch up on missed readings.

Confession of Faith and Catechisms

The confession and catechisms are summaries of our faith.  They are teaching tools for instructing us and leading us into a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

Orthodox Presbyterian Church Denomination

Questions and Answers” is a weekly feature of the OPC website. You can pose a question about biblical and theological matters using the “Pose a Question” link or by clicking here.

Outward OPC is a website with articles, audio and video presentations on a variety of topics, and in-depth presentations from pastors, designed to encourage and provide tools for effective evangelism.  You can sign up for email notification of new content at

Audio/Video Resources

“Building Bridges Instead of Barriers” Conference

The purpose of this conference is to serve and to strengthen the Body of Christ by proposing and exploring biblically Reformed ways of thinking about the subject of race relationships within the church. In addition, we wish to proffer practical suggestions as to how we might more effectively build bridges across ethnic lines within the church in order to achieve greater unity for the sake of Christ and His Gospel.

2018 Presbytery Summer Bible Camp

Dr. Steven Baugh, Professor of New Testament at Westminster Seminary California, Escondido CA, was the speaker at the 2018 Bible camp. Audio recordings are available for Dr. Baugh’s messages on “The Kingdom of God from the Book of Revelation.”

The Holiness of God Series (R.C. Sproul)